Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Millennium Movement

Poor People Millennium Movement is a non-profit Organizaton
Founded by;Ms. Beauty Turner
{Poor} People Organizing Over Resources Millennium Movement
who's mission is dedicated to up lifting the poor.

On January 3th 2008 Poor People Millennium Movement presented their first CAN television show.
a call in talk show on channel 21 that is called "You got the power!"
feature Host Marvin "Thunder" Robinson CEO of Demo King Studio introduced Ms. Beauty Turner founder of Poor People Millennium Movement.
Ms. Beauty Turner talked about who she is and about the Movement as well as about the Ghetto Bus Tours.
After a brief introduction on where you can gather information Ms. Turner hosted the second half- her special guest was Wille JR Fleming A political housing activist that talked about the dilemma of low affordable housing for the extreme poor here in Chicago as well as in New Orleans where he were arrested for protesting to save housing. another special Guest was Grant Newsburger another Political housing/ police brutality activist who also went to New Orleans to help save public housing (showed picture of beautiful housing that is due to be demolished in New Orlean
The show was powerful and packed with serious issues.
Thunder and Beauty ended the show - We will be in the same space and in the same place Every Thurday from 6:00 until 6:30 pm
but the message that they left the viewers is that guess what? "You got the power!" to change things.

On January 4th at 10 am Beauty/ Ron Carter/Babara Moore did a interview with WBEZ concerning what is happening with some of the residents since they were relocated out of public housing and into the so called new mixed income communities.
The show will air on WBEZ on Monday January 7 at 9:00 until 10:00 am on 91.5 FM
Tune in my friend!

January 7th on our Poor People Millennium Movement Channel 21 CAN TV show at 6:00 until 6:30pm slogan name- "You got the power!"
Marvin Thunder Robinson and Class co-host on the issues of Black and Latino communities,our car wheels are wearing most of the yellow booties than any other communities,together these two young men explore the issues of why do our communities
end up wearing most of the yellow booties do you think that it is because our feet are cold "Literay speaking" or is it because of what we might owe? . 'Question Do you think it fair that most of the fine as well as most of the yellow boots are put on our cars?
Tune in my friend and speak out!
Because guess what? You got the power!