Tuesday, January 8, 2008

A special report-update by Beauty Turner

A Special Report
Are CPD Contact Cards Unconstitutional?
by Beauty Turner, (Original day printed)
June 12, 2007
Many public housing residents from the Dearborn Homes on the South Side are upset at the Chicago Police Department because they are being forced to give out personal information about themselves and their guests' lives.
They want to know if the police department's current requirement that they provide the information to put on contact cards as a method of deterring crime is unconstitutional and an infringement of their civil rights.
Five months ago, police officers began collecting these 'contact cards' from the residents of Dearborn Homes as well as their guests, according to Carol Wallace, a long-time resident of the public housing complex.
Beginning in January this year, Wallace said police officers began stopping residents and demanding they give out information so the officers can fill out contact cards that list their name, age, address, telephone number, height, weight, color of their eyes and hair, and if they had any tattoos.
"I just don't get it now. CPD is making us fill out contacts cards so they can keep tabs on us. I'm an American citizen," Wallace declared during a phone interview that month. "We are living as if we are in a Third World country somewhere. We are being treated as if we are living in a concentration camp.
RJ talked to other residents at the Dearborn Homes during a five-month investigation of the issue. Many said they thought that the police harassment was just another way to push them out of their homes to make way for pricey condominiums.
In May, RJ received more calls from residents of the Dearborn Homes complaining about the CPD making them fill out contact cards. "Im afraid to go outside these days. They are making our lives miserable," proclaimed Samuel Lord, a longtime resident of the Dearborn Homes.
Eleanor Murray also called in that month. "Every time I go outside, the police stop me and make me fill out contact cards. I think they even had the nerve to ask me for my social security number," she said.
While at the public housing site in early June, Joyce Smith, a disabled resident, told this reporter that she was also stopped by police officers, demanding that she too provide them with her social security number for the contact card.
RJ called Gail Singleton, the elected president of the resident council at the Dearborn Homes, to ask her what she thought about the police making residents and their guests fill out contact cards. She could not be reached by press time.
CPD's Views on the Contact Cards
In early January, RJ first called police spokesperson Pat Camden and asked him if there was any truth to the allegations about police officers forcing Dearborn Homes residents to fill out contact cards every time they are stopped by an officer.
"Yes. That is true we are asking people that we stop who come into the Dearborn Homes to fill out contact cards," Camden said during the phone interview that month.
Camden said the reason for asking the public housing residents to fill out the contact cards would be to assist CPD in solving crimes in that community.
If we received a call about a crime that has been committed in that area or nearby and someone described a suspect and we see that we have someone on the contact card that matches that description, we will investigate that person," Camden said.
RJ also asked Camden if the police department was requiring people all over the city to fill out contact cards, including those living on the Gold Coast.
"Yes. All across the city and by the way, the officers fill them out, not the person," he said.
RJ asked Camden to provide copies of the contact cards and data about how many contact cards had been filled out in other parts of Chicago. Camden did not provide this information by press time.
"Which way do you want us to go? We are damned if we don't do anything to deter crime and damned if we do," Camden added.
RJ spoke with Camden again on June 8 to find out if the police officers demanding the information for the contact cards were stationed at the Dearborn Homes.
"No. We are not stationed there. We do not have an office space there. We are there to serve and protect the residents, just like we are with the whole city," he said in a phone interview.
Camden added that the requests by the police department for residents and their guests to provide their personal information to police officers at the Dearborn Homes has been happening "as long as I have been a police officer, for 37 years."
CHA Comments on the Issue
RJ spoke to Derek Hill, a Chicago Housing Authority spokesperson,in January to inquire if the agency knew about the police department's initiative of making the Dearborn Homes residents and their guests fill out contact cards.
RJ also asked Hill if the situation was OK with the public housing agency, which currently pays the police department $16 million annually for "above baseline police services" for the duration of their massive $1.6 billion Plan for Transformation.
"The Chicago Housing Authority pays the Chicago Police Department money to patrol our properties," Hill said.
"And if that is what the Chicago Police Department felt that they needed to do to keep our residents safe, then they should do that."
Legal Aspects
Dearborn Homes resident Carol Wallace called RJ again in May about the contact cards. She wanted to know if the police officers' demands for information were legal.
Where are our policy makers? Our so-called leaders? Why aren't they addressing these issues that are affecting so many low-income Black people?" she asked.
"Didn't Hitler do that to the Jews? Make them show them their papers and fill out contact cards on them," said an unidentified neighbor of Wallace's again during a telephone interview in April.
RJ called American Civil Liberties Union lawyer Adam Schwarz to inquire if it is an infringement of the Dearborn Homes residents' rights for police officers to ask them for information to fill out contact cards.
"There is a policy in the city called 'Terry Stops' but that is only if a person looks suspicious and you have reason to believe that that person may have done something. But that is not a reason to search or get contact cards filled out for everybody you come into contact with," Schwarz said.
"The fact that you are entering a home or exiting doesn't give rise to suspicious activities and should not be the basis of detaining or interrogating anyone."
Robert D. Whitfield, a co-counsel for the Central Advisory Council, the body of elected CHA resident representatives, also questioned the legality of asking for information from residents in this way.
"Yes. It is highly questionable and yes, it is illegal if they are stopping every single person no matter what," Whitfield said during an interview at a CHA Board of Commissioners meeting at the Charles Hayes Center in mid-May.
3rd Ward Alderman's Response
The news of the police asking the Dearborn Homes residents to provide them with background information about themselves for the contact cards didn't sit too well with newly elected 3rd Ward Alderman Pat Dowell.
"No. They shouldn't be doing that to low-income people," Dowell said on June 7.
"We don't live in South Africa. That's not right. I will definitely be looking into this."

Update- after this article was printed on June 12, on the web at (Wethepeoplemedia.org)
My former place of employment.
Results-Civil Rights Leader Jesse Jackson Sr. Invited Carol Wallace to Operation Push-to tell her story about eleven CPD officers allegedly ransacking her home after going national in Beauty’s Ghetto Bus Tours( Tours that were designed and created by Ms. Beauty Turner to get the voice of the voiceless out) Later Jesse spent the night at another public housing development
The Harold Ickes Homes where the residents were going through the same injustice CPD filling out contact cards on them plus locking them as well as their love ones, and guest who visit them up for trespassing.

Class Action Lawsuit Aimed At City Of Chicago Gathers Momentum

Notes Attorney Tamara N. Holder

Also Set To Sue Chicago Police Department For Defamation Of Character, Returns To Ickes Homes Monday November 5, 2007 at Noon, Joining Reverend Jackson and Rainbow PUSH Coalition

CHICAGO, IL (November 5, 2007) – Tamara N. Holder, Esq., who has led the fight for Harold Ickes Homes residents from day one, announces that the class action lawsuit filed against the City of Chicago in October is gaining momentum with over 300 complaints received thus far. Attorney Holder notes that there are more lawsuits to follow; such as false arrest, warrantless searches, trespass cases and a possible suit against Chicago Housing Authority (CHA).

CHA appears to do nothing to defend their residents, who live in filth and fear every day. With the degradation of women being searched by male officers, who put their hands down female’s pants. Together with allegations of police taking small amounts of money from people and commenting, “Thanks for my lunch money!” As well as allegedly informing residents that they are subject to search at any time because they live in government housing.

CHA risks being sued for a number of claims, such as building code violations; examples of which can be seen with elevators that do not close properly and faulty fire alarms. It has also been documented that CHA contracts out much of its work to entities such as private management companies; and Chicago Police, who are paid millions of dollars per year. Chicago police have also been reported to have had the CHA contracted towing company remove vehicles without CHA knowledge or consent, amongst other allegations.

The specific lawsuit only brings to issue that of the so-called “contact cards” being used under the guise “to monitor criminal activity.” Individuals stopped on the Chicago Housing Authority property are forced to provide officers with their vital info or risk being arrested for trespass, disorderly conduct, obstruction of justice, and interference with police investigation.

Attorney Holder will be returning to Ickes Homes Monday November 5, 2007, to garner updates; she will be joined with Reverend Jesse L. Jackson, Sr. and the Rainbow PUSH Coalition.

About Tamara N. Holder:

Tamara N. Holder, Esq., (http://www.xpunged.com) is one of Chicago’s rising legal analytical stars. She gained national attention for fighting for the rights of railroad workers who were fired in the name of “homeland security” which led to a Congressional hearing. She most recently filed a class action lawsuit against the City of Chicago and its Chicago Police officers for illegal searches at the Harold Ickes Homes. Her law firm specializes in criminal defense, expungement cases, malpractice and personal injury lawsuits. Ms. Holder sits on the Women of Power Alumni Association Advisory Board; and is also the founder of Rev. Jesse L. Jackson’s Rainbow PUSH Expungement Clinic.


Poor People Millennium Movement Activities

Poor People Millennium Movement is a non-profit Organizaton
Founded by;Ms. Beauty Turner
{Poor} People Organizing Over Resources Millennium Movement
who's mission is dedicated to up lifting the poor.

On January 3th 2008 Poor People Millennium Movement presented their first CAN television show.
a call in talk show on channel 21 that is called "You got the power!"
feature Host Marvin "Thunder" Robinson CEO of Demo King Studio introduced Ms. Beauty Turner founder of Poor People Millennium Movement.
Ms. Beauty Turner talked about who she is and about the Movement as well as about the Ghetto Bus Tours.
After a brief introduction on where you can gather information Ms. Turner hosted the second half- her special guest's were Wille JR Fleming A political housing activist that talked about the dilemma of low affordable housing for the extreme poor here in Chicago as well as in New Orleans where he were arrested for protesting to save housing. another special Guest was Grant Newsburger another Political housing/ police brutality activist who also went to New Orleans to help save public housing (showed picture of beautiful housing that is due to be demolished in New Orlean
The show was powerful and packed with serious issues.
Thunder and Beauty ended the show - We will be in the same space and in the same place Every Thursday from 6:00 until 6:30 pm
but the message that they left the viewers is that guess what? "You got the power!" to change things.

On January 4th at 10 am Beauty/ Ron Carter/Babara Moore did a interview with WBEZ concerning what is happening with some of the residents since they were relocated out of public housing and into the so called new mixed income communities.
The show will air on WBEZ on Monday January 7 at 9:00 until 10:00 am on 91.5 FM
Tune in my friend!

January 10th on our Poor People Millennium Movement Channel 21 CAN TV show at 6:00 until 6:30pm slogan name- "You got the power!"
Marvin Thunder Robinson and Class co-host on the issues of Black and Latino communities,our car wheels are wearing most of the yellow booties than any other communities,together these two young men explore the issues of why do our communities end up wearing most of the yellow booties do you think that it is because our feet are cold "Literay speaking" or is it because of what we might owe? 'Question Do you think it fair that most of the fine as well as most of the yellow boots are put on our cars?
Thunder and Class let the Justice hammer drop by bringing up vital issues such as the contact cards, the telephone were swarmed like honey bees with calls
Caution later joined them answering vital questions tha the general public
wanted to hear.

Tune in my friends and speak out!
Because guess what? You got the power!

On January 17, Marvin Thunder Robinson and E turned our CAN TV channel 21
talk show up a notch to a heated pitch by engaging the general public into a discussion about "Homosexuality in our youth in the hood," as well as about allege Police Terrorism.Explosive volcano topics.
Some people got heated,some felt defeated and some were thilled,
Our show "You got the power"has become as popular as America Band stand or Soul Train.
because it has the youth running home every Thursday night at 6:00 pm
turning on Channel 21.To hear what the issues of today are.
This show has manage to do the impossible made people STOP crying about the State of Affairs. "It has made the masses put away their tissues
and discuss the issues."Just what lt is designed to do.
Remember when times get hard,rely on God!
But, our issues can be solved -Once we the people get involved!"
Tune in my friend!
Because 'You got the power!"

January 24th Once again our CAN TV show "You got the power" was off the chain, tight
like the youth say."Calls were lighting up the telephone like a nervous chain smoker one after the other."
Otherwise for those of us who are a little bit older "it was great!"
Today's guest was Chairman Fred Hampton Jr.son of slain Civil Rights Leader Chairman Fred Hampton Sr. of the Black Panther Party.
Todays host was none other than the founder of Poor People Millennium Movement Ms. Beauty Turner and that guy that most of you love to hate Marvin Thunder Robinson.
The show was packed with energy and power, the talk was about Wrongfully Convicted Activist Aaron Patterson and his constant struggle to keep his head above water and his own life.
Turner, Robinson, and Chairman Fred talked about- The 20 million dollars Jon Burge lawsuit that the city council passed, who stand to gain from it and how much!
It was packed with power,But guess who really got the power to change things!
" You got the power!"
So open up your minds, hearts and ears and put away your fears,
and wipe your tears, and blow your nose and throw away your tissues.
and tune in every thursday night at 6pm on Channel 21 and speak about the issues.
because 'You got the power!!!!

January 31, A young man by the name of Class who carry himself with class hosted the first half of Poor People Millennium Movement show called (You got the power!)He introduce Superstar Hip Hop Artist-Storm.
Todays topic was about Hip Hop Artists do we need cussing
in our lyrics ?
Storm has been performing all over the East Coast and West Coast known as a Black Pirate Militia '
Just look up some of their work by typing in Black Prirate Militians in (You Tube.)
"They are hot with a flames that will entertain!"
Second Half of the show- Marvin Thunder Robinson the host you love and hate the most, introduced Nickulus another great producer and rapper,
The show was exploding with calls from the general public- a hot volcanic topic.
So tune in next Thursday at 6 pm on Channel 21.
Because our problems can be solve once you the public get involved!
Because guess what? You got the power!!!!

On February 7th a young man by the name of Caution hosted PPMM CAN TV show called "YOU GOT THE POWER" with Co-Host and Founder Ms. Beauty Turner
The show was about "Beauty's Ghetto Bus Tours"Dispelling stereotypes and Myth about public housing residents.
Numerous of calls lit up the circuits almost to an overload pitch.
Beauty pointed out all of her credentials plus one special credentials letting people know that she came from Robert Taylor Homes and proud of it. Beauty was popping with popular as a person from the project.
"It's not the brick nor the mortal that makes a person but the mentality that they hold within- because guess what? every thing that you think you are, or think you will be and make steps toward it you will be."Beauty said "Just Look at me!" Because guess what? 'YOU GOT THE POWER!"

On February 14, Beauty Turner hosted You got the power, her guest were Attorney Tamara Holder the attorney that placed the lawsuit at the feet of the Chicago Police Department, and CHA, and the city about the Contact Cards, and the Trespassing issues
in the projects.
Tamara is winning a lot of victories for low income residents.
Next Guest was TY Galtney an activist and a former resident of Robert Taylor Homes,
Who wrote a book about Chicago Corruption in Public Housing as well as the robbing of the hood.
The book lays out the foundation of what the Mayor have plan to do here,
another version of his daddy's book- The Boss. .
A book that every one should read and than read between the lines.
Thunder and Beauty ended the show with a praise to God- because without him there is no us.
So tune in and win, same space, same place next Thurday on channel 21 at 6 pm/
And remember that "You got the power!

On February 21-Class and Cautions hosted a burning barbeque grill red hot cole of a show, talking about the touchy blistering subject of sex offenders, who is classified as sex offenders and what about the ones who haven't been caught, how do we protect ourselves and our babies from people who have bad agenda.
The other subject was slum landlords- "CHA" can relate to this subject as a former tenant I can vouch for that.
The telephone lit up like a hungry man barbeque grill on the fourth of july,
people calling in with horror stories about their slum landlords.
Tune in next Thursday same place same space because guess what?
"You got the power!"

On February 28th Poor People Millennium Movement host- Marvin Thunder Robinson brought the Queen to the screen.
Queen sister a long time activist against injustice.
Thunder laid the hammer down telling the truth about what he witness from hearing the honarable Louis Farakhan on Savor Day concerning endorsing United State Senator Barrack Obama-The media got it mixed up he didn't endorse Barrack or Hillary!
"But that is a brother," Thunder said.
Queen talked about the relocated residents that have ended up in the Roland Community, what is happening with them now, and all of the raping as well as the killing that is taking place.
Queen also bust out an alledge crooked preacher who tried to make a dollars out of fifteen cent by selling uncorrect political Obams's signs.
But no voice were louder than the callers because guess what? 'Tou got the power
to create, or change things, so "tune in soon" at least every Thursday on Channel 21 from 6 pm until 6:30 pm because 'You got the power!"

On March 4th the show 'You got the power" educated the general public by loosening the chain on our brain concerning The Detective Jon Burge and his relm of terror on the black communities.
Over 200 African American men were beaten, and touture and made to confess to unspeakable crimes that they did not do.
Many of them spent many years behind bars and still yet many of them are still spending hard time and rotting behind cold gray steel bars. .
Michael Clemente was sixteen when he were beaten and touture into a confession
the youngest African American who were convicted.
His mother Virginia Clemente came on the show and told the world about her son struggle who by the way is "still serving time- now 27 years."
David Bate also a victim of Burge talked about his battle from behind the bars and the scars within.
Also touch on the so call 20 million dollars settlement that were allegely given to four of Jon Burge Victim with Aaron Patterson being one of the victims.
Ted an activist who have been fighting with Viginia concerning her son spoke about what they are doing trying to bring a lime light to this issue.
Marvin Thunder Robinson hosted the last part of the show.
Staying cool. calm and collective he brought the show down to a melow pitch understanding level where the general public can get it- that there is something wrong!
"No death penalty" was the statement of the day.
Tune in next Thursday at 6 pm same space, same place but a different subject!
and take home this little taste of wisdom and remember "you got the power!'

On March 13th Caution, Class and Blue hosted You Got The Power!
They talked about running your own business in the Black Communities,
Being young beautiful Black men they open the floor up for callers to call
in and let them know what is on their minds.
They made the telephones light up like a 100 walts light bulb.
Poor People Millennium Movement would like to commend the young men that hosted
the shows and let you and them know that 'You got the power!
So tune in next Thursdays at the same space and the same place channel 21 at 6pm.

March 20th Marvin (Thunder)Robinson and Caution hosted PPMM 'You got the power show, they talked about large,outladish,churches that have big show biz spotlights leading into the churches,Churches trimmed in gold and right out side their doors are homeless people shaking a buger king cup begging for change.hungry straving mothers and children who are turned away at the door.
Question-Who are these types of preachers serving?
Joining Thunder and Caution were Class.
The masses weight in and spoke their piece and talked about preachers, one lady called in and said that her father was a preacher and he was so crooked that when he died they had to screw him in the ground.
They also praised the work that Beauty Turner is doing for the people with her Ghetto Bus Tours.
Someone called in and told Thunder to name those no good preachers,
He used acronyms and slight phrases,but any body with ears to hear and a mind to think got the gist of the show!
So tune in next Thursday because guess what?'You got the power!"

March 26th were our very last show until later in the summer time.
E and his son little E started off the show talking about Schools having steel metal bars, and being checked by guards,Lttle E said he never exprience being checked up and down by police.
Chief Marvin (Thunder)Robinson came in wearing an Indian Bonnet War head dress, he set down with E than they started talking about Political Prisoners,
Chief Marvin (Thunder) Robinson asked that all the political prisoners be set free.
What's our call? " Free them all!" He asked that Aaron Patterson be free,
Mumia Jumia,Marvell,Jeff Fort, Larry Hoover and the rest.
A lady called in and asked do those people that you mention should they be looked at as role models?
Thunder asked should President Kennedy's father and Mayor Daley's Father and Mayor Daley be looked up to as role models?
Their fathers were booth leggers in the Prohibition days and Daley the son use to be in a gang plus one other thing he didn't mention that Daley the son was States Attorney when Detective Jon Burge beat and toutured over 200 Black men and made them confess to murders that they did not commit.
It was a very informative show-one of those shows that make you want to say Huh!
Tune in later on in the summer You got the power issues will even be hotter this summer than the summer sun.
But just remember that 'You got the power!

We are back on the air!!!!
On Monday July 7, 08 at 7PM.
Poor People Millennium Movement;aka You got the power!
Is back on the air!
Chief Thunder, Klass, Nicobus open up the summer
Season with sizzling hot topics, such as the police officer who were shot and killed
By a mentally disable person,
The host brought up the fact that other young people were shot and killed by police
Officers and not to much was said in the media concerning them.
The telephone lit up like a chain smokers with viewer that wanted to make a different!
CHA Plan for Transformation topics was also discussed, and the limbo that the plan is in.
"A big pow wow shout out to Ms. Maple Hardy the Artist that created Poor People Millennium Movement back drop on CAN TV Set."
Watch, look and listen and call in Because " You got the power!"

Monday July 14-08 Poor People Millennium Movement Founder Ms. Beauty Turner hosted
the intro of the show "You got the power"- her guest was Brother X off the block.
This was a day for any topic that hit you at the moment-
Beauty started it off with an indepth article by the Chicago Tribune about public housing in Chicago.
The article was called Public housing in limbo.
The article actually showed what Beauty have been talking, as well as showing in her Ghetto Bus Tours.
Brother X had different feeling about people staying in public housing,
Beauty had to remind him that we are in a recession, plus that a lot of the people
are becoming homeless behind this plan.
He knew of some minority businesses that prospers from the plan.
Beauty knew of some of the mayor friends that prosper from the plan also.
Brother X encourage young men and women to create their own businesses, and expand
their minds to a higher height!
Next segment Chief Thunder hosted- with Nickobus they open up a flood gate about
Mayor Daley-Civil Rights Leader Jesse Jackson Sr. talking about the off color remark that Jesse made. you know the famous phrase about cutting Barrack Obama N-ts off!
Thunder said I don't know why people are opposed to what Jesse say- he only doing his job as usual!
keeping black folks in their place!
"He talk with a fork tounge- oh a double edge sword tounge!!!"
People agreed with Thunder- but it was a lady who didn't like Thunders attire- he told her I dressed for the people that I represent- and I speak the way we speak on the block- sorry if I can't speak the King perfert language-he polked fun at black people who wear weave and hold their mouth in a twisted position and pretend that they know more that the average person- trying to pretend that they are so educated, by slandering what they think is the King English.
The telephone lit up like a Black man barbeque grill on the fourth of July.
Nickobus talked about the violence in the communities.
But at the end of the day the show showed that "You got the power! to create change!!!!

On Monday July 21 Poor People Millennium Movement show
“You got the power!”
Was unbeatable!!!!! Unstoppable and off the hook!
People in the hood say that is “Number Uno (One) in cable talk show!”
Today ’s show was off the chain When Chief Thunder and
Brother X started dealing with real live issues and real live pain.
Thunder talked about the issues of rock cocaine as well as
powder cocaine and the affect that it have on who spend more time
in the county jail house.
Brother X called it what it is! “All of it is Poison!”
Klass and Brother D talked about Chao’s and the affect that it have on us as a people.
Chief Thunder talked about Operation Chao’s
Brother X called these Days what it is “the Illuminati’
D ended the show talking about who have the power.
The telephone lit up like the day Old Mister Leary Cow kicked over the laten in the shed.
The show was loaded with hot, burning topics.
Tune in next Monday and bring a friend and talk that talk
but most of all walk that walk to greatness!!!!!
Because when it is all said and done- you are the one's
You got the power!

On July 28th Thunder and Beauty talked with Activist Hank Brown about a incident that took place in an Englewood school yard
According to Hank (Police) interrupted a memorial service where a young man had been killed by youth on youth violence.
His life were being celebrated by his family and friends as well as Activists-
Beauty Turner was called that night and kept in constant contact with Chairman Fred Hampton Jr.
Media were called but did not show up.
That night according to Chairman Fred Hampton Jr. police were calling children out of their name- allegelly calling them mnkeys and apes, as well as beating and harrassing them.
According to our guest police beat up children and took atleast 10 people to jail. three of those people
were prominent activists like Chairman Fred Hampton Jr.
Grant Newsburger, and Hank Brown according to Hank they were attacked by police and called nasty
racist, names-the children were called black apes,monkeys every inhumane name in the book,
Brown talked about people need to wake up and start a revolution, he talked about organizing and fighting during the Civil Rights time.
Chief Thunder talked to the youth about doing something more in what he believe were the languages that they understand since he's also a youth.
an older lady thought that he were very disrespectful to Hank with his talk.
But every one have a voice on this show reguardless of how you think.
People didn't agree with Thunder logists- but his speech was welcome as was the caller that spoke against his speech.
The show shows you that the power is in the people-"YOU GOT THE POWER!
Now use it to help benefit you as well as others.

On August 4th-The show E and Brother X and Nickobus and Klass talked about the affects of drugs on people in the hood as well as on your nearest corner store that Brother X classified as a legal drug dealer.

The calls were hot as the topics and wasn't about to cool off none that night.
You got the power!

August 11,08 the show was hot and sizzling and popping with topics that make you sweat.
Paul McKinley a member of VOTE talked about the police locking up nine year old children- as well as showed a picture of a caucasion officer handcuffing a small child in the projects.
The topic got so hot McKinley ran out of the television booth.
Beauty wave a piece of paper trying to cool off from all of the heated conversation-
Chairman Fred Hampton Jr. took up the battle were Paul left off turning the heat up a notch talking about where the drugs and guns come from in our community.
Chairman wore a stop stinching T Shirt.People wanted him to address his T shirt,
he did like a master why he feel what he feel about that topic.
Calls poured in like a waterfall people interested in all of the hot topics raised out of the fire- burning issues that needed to be told spreaded like a wildfire in California.
A wildfire of explosive toxic subjects exploded all over your television screen making people pull out their hair and scream!
turn up the air conditioner!!!!

August 18, Poor People Millennium Movement hosted an hour show- You got the power
was dealing with topics that people only thought about but were afraid to speak outloud.
We took the pain from your brain and put it out there for all to see.
Thunder,Brother X,Bang and Klass and Beauty hosted a show about painful,issues such as the Illuminati,Baby mama drama,police terrorism in the hood, to youth homosexuality.
Bang talked about his baby mama without revealing who she were.
She's welcome to reply.....
Beauty showed a young man picture (Marcus Landum age 18) on August 17, he was shot and killed by law enforcement in Leclaire Courts while riding his bike.
Earlier on August 18 Beauty and other Activist held a peaceful rally in Leclaire Courts.

September 17 - E smooth known as Prez talked about all of the degrees that he have, but still don't have a job, love being a father, his son who was smart as a whip, talked about confusion between parents and what a child would feel.

September 29th Klass and E smooth hosted the show and talked about is it a good Idea to buy back guns off the street?- churches giving a $100 voucher without asking a question. Last show of the season- but we will be back on the air early next year, looking for result as well as reasons.

[People Organizing Over Resources]
'Coming on April 4th 2008 [Poor People Millennium Movement] is sponsering"
"Blasting the Runway part two-Bronzeville Showcase"
"We are so sweet so we are taking it to the street"

Fashion shows, Hip Hop artists, singers,dancers, comedians and swingers-
We are bringing winners to the - Charles Hayes Center-
Show from 9 pm until 1 am.
If you wish to be a part of the Millennium Movement.
Call the Ghetto Gallery-1-773-783-8081
or CEO Marvin Thunder Robinson at 1-773-544-7911
PPMM-Founder Ms. Beauty Turner-1-773-924-9590 or 1-773-297-5619

Poor People Millennium Movement CAN 21 Television show 'You Got The Power!" will be back on the air every Thursday starting in (JULY)back by popular demand!!!!
at 6 pm.

The fund raiser was off the chain, the hook the Multipurpose room was packed to
a stack- Rappers and models of all height and sizes came from every side of town and broke it out and broke it down.
The program was a success.
We cater to adults, youth and truth!